Macedonian Meat And Dairy Products Certified With The Seal Of Quality

Do you know that meat and dairy products are among the most frequently purchased products, and that they represent 84% of the daily diet? Because of that, they have to be fresh and tasty, and their quality has to be proven.

Seal of Quality is your reliable guide in the market concerning meat and dairy products, because it is awarded only to those domestically produced products that meet all relevant quality standards.

Macedonian Seal of Quality is awarded by the Association of Meat and Dairy Processors in Macedonia, which has over 50 members- processors from both industries.

99 domestic meat and dairy products are certified with the Seal of Quality. During the certification process there is continuous testing of raw materials, production capacities and technology, sanitary conditions and final products.

The list of recipes on the site will help you to prepare specialty meals for various occasions, using Seal of Quality meat and dairy products.

...Choose quality!

USAID Association of Meat and Dairy Processors in Macedonia