Seal of Quality Products - Dairy products


A total of 46 dairy products from the product lines of 14 different dairy processors are certified with the Seal of Quality. The following products meet the specified criteria and standards of high quality:

Company Name
Bela Impeks - 2 products Soft cow cheese
Soft sheep cheese
Buchen Kozjak - 2 products Set sheep yogurt
Set cow yogurt
Vardarec - 2 products Soft sheep cheese
Soft cow cheese
Eko Shar - 2 product

Soft cow chees

Bitola Dairy - 11 products UHT - milk 1l
Pasteurized milk
Chocolate milk
Sour cream
Yogurt 0.2l
Yogurt 1l
Yogurt 0.5l
Fruit yogurt-sour cherry
Fruit yogurt-strawberry
Fruit yogurt - blueberry
UHT milk with vitamins
Labrador - 4 products Yogurt 1 l.
Yogurt 0.5 l.
Yogurt 0.2 l.
Cow set yogurt 0.5
Joka - 4 products Yogurt 1 l.
Yogurt 0.5 l.
Yogurt 0.2 l.
Set cow cheese
Malesh - 4 products Soft cow cheese
Yogurt 1l
Yogurt 0.2 l
Cow set yogurt
Mlekoproizvod - 1 product Mixed milk kashkaval
Zdravje - 1 product Soft white mixed cheese
Farma Nakov - 1 product Sheep soft cheese
Olmi - 4 products Cow set yogurt
Yogurt 1 l
Yogurt 0.5 l
Yogurt 0.2 l
Sentis AG - 5 products Yogurt 1 l
Yogurt 0.5 l
Set cow yogurt
Feta cheese
Gouda cheese
Munevere - 2 products

Set cow yogurt 0.5 l
Yogurt 1 l


Total number of SoQ dairy products: 46

Association of Meat and Dairy Processors in Macedonia