1/2 kg corn flour
250 gr oil
Seal of Quality cheese
Seal of Quality yogurt


Sift the flour and make dough by adding salt and hot water (The water should be very hot and the flour is mixed with a wooden spoon. As the mixture cools it can be mixed by hand). In the end, you should have soft dough, similar to bread dough. Separate it into two pieces for two layers. It is better to do so on a wooden panel so you can just lift the layer when it is ready and put it straight into the pan. When putting it inside be carefull so that it doesn't crack. While you are spreading the layer throw some flour on it and don't make it too thin. Leave the ends of the layer over the pan so you can close it when the top layer is put on.
The filling can be made with fried leek, cheese, eggs, and spinach or just with eggs and cheese. It is much tastier with the spinach added. Pour the filling over the layer of dough.
Rollout the other layer of dough now and cover the filling with it, pressing the edges together with your fingers to close the pie. Sprinkle the pie with oil and bake it in the oven. After it is done take it out and while it is still hot sprinkle with yogurt. Cover the pie so that the yogurt is absorbed.
Serve it hot.

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