1 small cucumber
3 small onions
green, red and yellow pepper (one piece each)
1 tomato
some oregano and dill
200 gr Seal of Quality sheep cheese
freshly ground pepper
some sugar, lemon juice
4 tablespoons vinegar
20 black olives


Rinse the cucumber, and without peeling the skin cut it into thin round pieces (0,5 cm) and let them drain for 10 minutes. Cut the onions, the tomato and the peppers into round pieces. Cut the cheese into cubes and chop the dill. Prepare the salad dressing from salt, black pepper, vinegar, lemon juice, some sugar and the juice strained from the cucumber. Mix it all, gradually adding some oil. Put the vegetables in a salad bowl, sprinkle some dill and oregano and pour the salad dressing evenly over the salad. Than put the pieces of cheese and the olives on top of the salad (The seeds should be taken out from the olives).

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