750 gr lamb
half lamb head
an onion
soup vegetables
black pepper
red pepper
1 yolk
Seal of Quality set yogurt
1 small cup rice


Cut the head and the meat in pieces, wash, put them in a pan and cover with 2 l of cold water. Bring to a boil. When it boils add vegetables according to your taste, some parsley, onion and a few grains of black pepper. It mustn't boil on high temperature. After it has been boiling for two hours put two tablespoons of oil in a smaller pan and heat it until it becomes yellow, add a pinch of red pepper and put it in the stew. After this it should simmer for half an hour on low temperature.
Before pouring the stew in a serving dish it must be strained and then seasoned. Mix the yolk in a separate dish, add three tablespoons of set yogurt, mix it together well and pour it into the hot stew, stirring all the time.
After it has been strained, it is good to boil a cup of rice in the stew.
In the end you can add some vinegar or lemon.

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