4 eggs
100 gr flour
1,5 dl Seal of Quality milk
40 gr "Parmesan" cheese
salt, black pepper

For the stuffing:

150 gr Seal of Quality cheese
1 dl Seal of Quality sour cream
30 gr "Parmesan" cheese
salt, black pepper

For the topping:

400 gr peeled tomatoes
100 gr butter
1 tablespoon seasoning


Mix the ingredients for the pancakes as usual and then fry about 10 pancakes.
Fill them with the stuffing which you should prepare in the following way; cut the cheese in small cubes, mix with sour cream, parmesan and add some salt and black pepper.
Put the stuffed pancakes in a fireproof pan.
Fry the tomatoes, add zacinal and some parsley. Pour this mixture over the pancakes and bake for twenty minutes in an oven.

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