1 kg thin Seal of Quality sausages
Seal of Quality smoked pork neck
Seal of Quality hard cheese
1 kg potatoes
Seal of Quality cheese
1 egg
salt, seasoning, black pepper
2 cups Seal of Quality milk


Cut the sausages in the middle and fill them with a slice of smoked pork neck, a piece of hard cheese and mushrooms, previously fried. Then close the sausages and bake them in the oven. Serve with baked potatoes prepared in the following way: Boil 1 kg of potatoes and cut them in big pieces. Put one layer of potatoes in a fireproof greased pan. Add a layer of grated cheese and repeat. Cover this with a mixture of 1 egg, salt, one tablespoon of seasoning, black pepper and 2 cups of milk. Bake it 10-15 minutes and serve with the sausages.

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