About SoQ

Seal of Quality is a registered and protected trademark. It is a certificate (uniform and recognizable seal) awarded only to domestic dairy and meat products with a proven and consistent quality. The Seal is awarded by the Association of Private Meat and Dairy Processors in Macedonia.

The goals of the Seal of Quality Program are to:

  • Improve both real and perceived quality of domestic meat and dairy products,
  • Build consumer awareness and confidence in quality of SoQ products, and
  • Increase the demand and consumption of SoQ products and replace the meat and dairy products currently being imported.

The Macedonian Seal of Quality Program started in December 1998. The design of the Program is based on the results of a consumer research study about opinions and attitudes towards domestically produced dairy and meat products. The results have shown that consumers prefer domestic products, provided that their quality is proven and consistent.

On the basis of the said research, the Association of Private Meat and Dairy Processors in Macedonia designed a Seal of Quality Program with the technical, consulting and financial support of the Macedonia Agribusiness Marketing Activity (MAMA), a project being funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Land O'Lakes, Inc. The Seal of Quality Program has been successfully operating for the past three years, and as a result, consumers buying the Association members' products have confidence that they will be of consistently high quality.



Association of Meat and Dairy Processors in Macedonia