Over the past three years the Seal of Quality Program has achieved considerable results:

The Association, with its 50 members, which account for about 70% of the total production capacities of the two industries in Macedonia, is the biggest food industry association in the country;
99 products from the product lines of 25 different producers of meat and dairy products have been awarded the Seal of Quality;

Sales of Seal of Quality products have increased 50% annually

  • Milk production increased by over 44%
  • Meat production increased by over 300%
  • Over 63 milion dollars were invested
  • Penetration into new markets and increased product market share
According to the latest analysis,more than 70% of consumers in the country recognize the Seal of Quality, and nearly all of them (or more precisely 70% of the total number of consumers) include SoQ products in their daily diet.


As recognition of our success the Association was awarded with the 2003 Associations Make a Better World Award by the American Society of Association Executives ( ASAE )


For two consecutive years already (2000, 2001), with the help of consumers, there has been a selection of the SoQ product of the year.
The following SoQ products have been voted by the consumers as
the best in 2001:

Meat product with the best taste:
CHICKEN BREASTS SALAMI produced by Soleta - Skopje

Meat product
with the best packaging:
HOT DOG produced by Soleta - Skopje

Dairy product with
the best taste and packaging:
UHT MILK produced by Bitola Dairy - Bitola

Association of Meat and Dairy Processors in Macedonia