Applying for the Seal of Quality


Awarding the Seal of Quality is a continuous process consisting of several consecutive phases, whereby each phase is eliminative:

Phase I
Producer of meat/dairy products becomes member of the Association.

Phase II
Application filed by the producer, with a list of potential products - candidates for SoQ.

Phase III
Definition of the standard production procedure for each type of product proposed for SoQ.

Phase IV
Physical inspection of the production capacity (facility, employees, raw materials, processing, packaging, distribution).

Phase V
Laboratory testing of the chemical and microbiological parameters
of the raw materials and the product-candidate for SoQ in
the laboratory of the Association.

Phase VI
Testing of the product at the Veterinary institute-Skopje, in order to verify that it is produced in accordance with the Macedonian rules and regulations defined in the applicable legislation.

Phase VII
Organoleptic testing of products by an independent certification team, with evaluation of the following product parameters:


Phase VIII
If the results of the above testing and analysis are in compliance with the quality standards, the certification team submits to the Association a recommendation for certification of the product with a Seal of Quality.

Phase IX
The Managing Board of the Association verifies the testing and awards the product with a Seal of Quality.

Association of Meat and Dairy Processors in Macedonia